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Acharya School of Management Bangalore AIMS direct admission

Acharya School of Management (AIMS)

Acharya School of Management Bangalore (AIMS) was based in the year 2008-09 to instill a way of practical purpose to the study and produce in immediacy in career-prospects to students. The origination mission of ASM is “To offer wonderful inter-disciplinary management education by comprehensively leverage the multi-academic-stream experience of Acharya Institutes and nurture and support managerial and entrepreneurial aspirations of its students. And thereby fortify the promising Small and medium enterprises (SME) segment of the Indian economy by being their most most well-liked partner for consulting, research, executive coaching and provide of managerial, wealth-creation talent”. The uniqueness of Acharya School of Management is in its multi-stream career networking. Through this, ASM is ready to leverage the exposure and expertise on the market within the integrated field of Acharya Institutes, in domains as varied as Engineering, I.T., B.T., Pharma, Paramedics, Media and Communications, Fashion design, architecture, Humanities and Basic Sciences, and therefore offer the discerning management students a bigger canvas to use their management tools and techniques as a part of their study program.

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AIMS aim isn't simply to provide simply managers, however to provide avid young leaders who are wealth creators and wealth managers for industry. The tutorial insights also will facilitate students to imbibe skills and resources for entrepreneurship and manage family businesses in a very strategic and economical manner. Acharya Institutes is actually rising as nurturing ground for leadership. It is turning into synonymous with sensible, industry-focused education and is attracting students from across the world. The fact that Acharyans are these days a well-known face within the industry is a demonstration of its total commitment to excellence in career building.

Courses Offered
1. P.G.D.M. - Post Graduate Diploma in Management
2. M. B. A - Master of Business Administration
3. M. F. A - Master of Finance & Accounting
4. M. I. B - Master of International Business
5. B. B. A - Bachelor of Business Administration

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